HansbilledeScantext was founded on 1 December 1993 as a German-Scandinavian partnership providing quality translations of technical texts – at that time under the name of unitext oversættelser ApS.

This partnership was originally set up in Berlin in 1990 when Angelica Ivanetti and Hans Rasmussen joined unitext GmbH as Swedish/Danish translators. In September 1991, Rasmussen & Ivanetti I/S was set up in Aarhus as a Danish division of unitext, which continued to operate in Berlin.

In 1993, this partnership was formalised in a joint venture set up by Hans Rasmussen and unitext GmbH (Angelica Ivanetti had in the mean time changed jobs and moved into the education sector).

After five years of Danish/German ownership, the company became wholly Danish-owned in 1998 under the name of Scantext oversættelser ApS. 

Over the years, our core business area has developed significantly. Scantext now has clients and partners on all continents and communicates and produces documentation in all major languages.

With our experienced translators, a solid quality assurance process, state-of-the-art IT management and client-focused project management, we create a top-quality product in close partnership with our clients – in both the business community and public sector institutions. 

Despite increasing globalisation, we always use translators who translate into their native language to ensure that the national language is always reproduced in a style that is contemporary, effortless and correct.

As part of a long-term generational handover, Ulla Hakanowitz and Gitte B. Petersen, two of the company’s employees, became co-owners of the company in 2005 and took full ownership on 1 January 2015.


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