Why choose professional translators?

If you regard your business or workplace as a professional enterprise, your business texts also need to be professional.

Your quality products deserve accompanying texts that are of equally high quality – be they user manuals, websites, catalogues or product sheets.

If you want your business to signal quality, your translations need to do the same.

This all sounds well and good – but when it comes down to it, many people still believe that they are able to save the money and handle the translating themselves. Maybe they used to live in the UK when they were students or they have an aunt who has lived in the US for many years and is able to proofread the text – and they think that that will be fine. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case! 

Some people may also be tempted to use cheap translators abroad, but beware! This may end up becoming a very expensive solution for your business in the long run. If a price looks unrealistically low – it often is. 

Unprofessional translators can become a real headache in terms of unreliable delivery and a problematic partnership.

First impressions are extremely important. Your website is your sales window and is often the first impression potential customers get of you and base their opinion on. That is why it is so important that you signal quality and professionalism from the outset – second-rate translations signal poor products and can cost you business.


Maybe you are now asking yourself:

  • But isn’t a professional translation very expensive?
  • Is the translator really able to do a good job? My texts are very industry-specific and aimed at specialists.
  • I am the one who knows my products the best – which means I’m probably the best choice as a translator, aren’t I?
  • My customers know that we are from Denmark so having a few mistakes in our texts is probably OK.
  • Why can’t my customers just use Google Translate if they want the texts in their own language?
  • How do I know that the translator has expertise in precisely the language I want my texts translated into?

We understand your scepticism and your questions. But do not despair. We can help you to identify the right solution. We have the translators who have the required expertise in your subject area, who are able to translate into the language you need, who live up to your quality requirements and who are also able to tailor the translation to the specific target group in the country in which the translation is to be used.


What can you do to streamline the process to guarantee that you get the best translation at the best price?

  • Check that your text is ready and proofread before you send it off for translation. If you need help to proofread or edit your texts, find out more here.
  • Do not wait until the last minute, but plan ahead as much as possible to ensure that the translation does not have to be hurried through in an unrealistically short space of time.
  • Have a chat with one of our project managers to review the process and align your requirements and expectations. (Language combination, file format, delivery date, additional proofreading, layout, price etc.).
  • Please send Word files if you can. PDF files, scanned documents and other image files are more time-consuming to work with and may therefore result in longer delivery times and a higher price.
  • Include reference material in the form of images, previous translations or other material that may help the translator to understand the text and avoid misunderstandings.
  • If you need a certified translation, we recommend that you ask us well in advance as the stamped documents have to be dispatched by post.


Partnership is the key to the best translation quality

The translator often spends a great deal of time on research and already has wide-ranging knowledge of many subjects. But you may know your target group best and you and your customers may often use very specific terminology that is only used in your industry. If you are in possession of existing glossaries, images or other material that may be useful to the translator, it is a good idea to provide these from the start to ensure quality and avoid unnecessary corrections.

The best translation is achieved in a close collaboration between you and the translator. You are the expert. This is why it is very important that our translations combine your professional know-how with our linguistic skills. 

The translator will then be able to tailor your text to produce creative solutions that signal quality and customer service – regardless of the language your customers speak.

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