Quality assurance



It is all about quality

When a translation is complete and the last full stop has been typed, you would think that the job was largely done. But that is far from being the case.

Your translations need to be of the highest quality which is why we prioritise quality assurance – throughout the process.

Quality assurance is an extensive process that comprises a number of different steps.

The first step in our quality assurance starts long before the translation itself is commenced.

It involves selecting the right translator for your project. 





Translator selection (1st piece of the puzzle)

The first step is the selection of the translator.

As a rule, our translators translate only into their native language. Translators are trained as interpreters and translators in their home countries and have all worked in professional translation for many years. Most also specialise in one or more subject areas, e.g. medicine, law, technology etc.

Scantext values good working relationships with our translators very highly. We are proud to be able to say that some of our best translators have worked with us for more than 15 years. We interpret this as a sign of quality and stability. 

Confidentiality and discretion are also a matter of course. When you send your documents to Scantext for translation, you can be sure that no one other than our employees see your texts. 





Translation and proofreading (2nd piece of the puzzle)

The second step in the quality assurance process includes several workflows.

The text is prepared for translation using CAT tools which allow the text to be translated with the help of a customer word database to ensure uniform terminology and use of your specific terms. 

When the translation is complete, we proofread it. The text is reviewed for grammar, punctuation, spelling and syntax errors. We further check that the translation corresponds to the source text and the correct page numbers, that images and text correspond, that references etc. are in place.

During the translation and proofreading process, we ensure that we update and maintain your specific word database and terminology lists so that we are able to reuse words and text in your next project. In this way, we ensure uniformity and continuity in your texts and are able to offer you an even better price next time around.  




Proofing tools (3rd piece of the puzzle)

The third step in the quality assurance process is a software review of the translation.

In this process, we check the translated text using computer software, usually Xbench, which quickly identifies minor errors such as double spaces, inconsistent translation etc. that may be harder to pick up on in the standard proofreading process. The best results are achieved when the proofreading that is carried out by the translator/proofreader is supplemented by this computer-based proofing. 





Finalisation (4th piece of the puzzle)

This is where we collate and prepare the translation for delivery.  But before we submit the text to you, we check that all the agreed files are included in the package and that the files have the correct names and language codes.




Delivery (5th piece of the puzzle)

Delivery of the translation is usually done by e-mail. But sometimes files may be so large that the translation has to be delivered by an alternative route.
When we have delivered the texts as agreed, we notify you so that you are able to find them on our FTP server or download them from a designated website.
The project is then complete. 

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