Maybe you have written your text yourself and used your own specialist knowledge and terminology. And maybe you would like to have the text reviewed for errors and stylistic inaccuracies. This is where Scantext’s editing services come in.

Text using your specialist terminology and refined by our language specialists will enhance your text and communicate your message in the best way possible. Editing means that professional linguists iron out grammatical imperfections, convoluted sentences, incorrect punctuation, imprecise wording and much more. 

Editing provides many benefits. The accuracy of your text adds value to your message and enables you to highlight precisely what you need.  You achieve clarity in your linguistic identity and are able to send your message without ‘background noise’.

A ‘noiseless’ text is also a fantastic starting point for concise translation into other languages.

Leave the editing to Scantext and you will not be misunderstood. 

Please contact us on 86 76 09 99 if you have a specific project in mind or write to us here

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