Annual accounts, annual reports, business plans, financial reports and surveys, articles, enquiries and quotes

Scantext is able to meet any requirement for financial texts that you may have.  We use translators with specialist knowledge in this area. Preferably translators with industry experience. This is your guarantee that your financial translation is in competent hands.

Does your business need to issue annual accounts, financial summaries or investment prospects in several languages? Scantext manages the entire process and handles liaison with our expert native translators. All you need to do is submit the original document to us – and we handle the rest. When the translations are ready, you receive a package containing the texts in all the required languages.

Now your business will be well equipped to communicate with its stakeholders in their native languages. In the final instance, this may prove vital to your relationship with your customers.

To discuss a specific project, please contact us on 86 76 09 99, or write to us here

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