Pharmaceutical guides, patient records, drugs, medical equipment, test protocols, SPCs, package leaflets

Medical translations require qualified professionals. Correct medical translation with correct terminology saves lives.

You can safely leave your texts to Scantext whose translators specialise in medical translation. Our clients include pharmaceutical companies both in Denmark and abroad. 

Over the past decade, we have focused on the translation of materials for the pharmaceutical industry. Our team of expert life science translators handle texts that range from marketing material, website texts, medical equipment manuals and pharmaceutical guides to clinical studies, trial protocols, SPCs and package leaflets.

Whether your end user is a professional or a layman, we ensure that your text is fit for purpose. Scantext has long-standing experience in one of the niches of the translation business and works with reliable translators who have great professional insight into this area. This is your guarantee of a professional result.

Correct terminology and focusing on the target group in your medical text makes Scantext the ideal choice when you are choosing the right solution for your medical translation.

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