Technical writing and single sourcing

In recent years, Scantext has quietly been training staff and purchasing software – and we are now able to handle the single sourcing projects that Danish business has started to ask for.

Businesses requiring documentation have opened their eyes to the benefits of single sourcing: one document containing the sum of all your information for output to many media and platforms. A master document for enhanced document management.

Maintenance and updating of text only becomes easier when it takes place in a single document and not several hundred or thousand manuals.  With single souring, textual errors are reduced and uneven source text is avoided.

And what would the above mean for your translation costs?

As a certified Catalyst Engineer, Scantext is now able to offer translation of your business documentation using Alchemy Catalyst. We have also specialised in Madcap Flare translations and are able to provide localised Flare projects or complete manuals in HTML5 and PDF format from Flare.

Are you interested in starting this process and reaping all the benefits?

Please contact us on 86 76 09 99 to find out more or if you have a specific enquiry, or write to us here 

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